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Locally TLV


Location, Location, Location,

Born and raised in the city that
never stops, we select each of our locations in Tel Aviv to give you the optimal interior experience.

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Meet Our spaces

Experience the local vibe with our premium amenities, stylish apartments, and tons of other perks.

Experience the best the city has to offer

Beautifully designed apartments to make you feel At home right down to the smallest detail.

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A better way to stay

The details are what bring real comfort to any design and really what we enjoy the most in decorating our living spaces.

TLV Apartments A better way to stay
TLV Apartments  Live liks a local

Live like a local

Each of our apartments is a hidden gem in an everyday city building that characterizes its neighborhood.

Nightlife & Cultural

From the bustling city street to the quiet of a magical urban retreat, you can call this home as long as you like.

TLV Apartments Nightlife & Cultural

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